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Who doesn’t love condo living? You get round-the-clock security, lots of amenities, and (hopefully) a good view of the entire city. And, inside your home, you have a chance to cultivate a uniquely personal interior aesthetic.

According to National Property Information Centre (NAPIC) numbers (Jadual Stok Harta Kediaman Q4 2022), the Petaling District has the highest number of condo units at 178177. This is 25% of the entire Klang Valley!

With more people choosing the condo life, the demand for condo-focused interior design specialists will also increase. But why is it important to choose a dedicated condo interior design specialist vs. one that only handles landed property?

Condo Interior Design vs Landed Property Design

Compared to landed, a condominium presents unique challenges for homeowners and interior designers. But, it’s also a great canvas to create a luxurious living space that feels big yet practical.

Some of the key differences include:

  • Space Utilisation: Condo interior design often deals with smaller spaces compared to landed properties. So it requires creative solutions to maximise space and functionality. We may need to involve the use of multi-purpose furniture, clever storage solutions, and strategic layout planning.
  • Condo Regulations: Condo owners are given strata titles; meaning that they own the unit, but not the land on which it sits (that is owned by the developer). And, anything outside the unit is governed by the rules and regulations set by the condominium board. These rules could restrict certain renovations or structural changes, so you can’t just go around knocking down walls!
  • Facade requirements: The design approach for condos also considers the aspect of community living. It takes into account the shared spaces and needs to blend in harmoniously with the overall aesthetic of the building. So, you may not necessarily be allowed to cover up your balcony or main doorways.
  • Lighting and Views: In condo interior design, taking advantage of natural light and maximising views are important considerations due to the high-rise nature of condominiums. We will try to focus on enhancing these features to create an open and airy feel.
  • Security Considerations: Depending on how high your floor is, you may not need to install any door or windows grilles. That’s good as it allows us a bit more freedom in our designs. If you have a private lift, you also won’t need to worry about blocking your front entrance with any privacy dividers.

Why Choose R.Works?

We have built up a portfolio of condominium interior design projects in PJ. Our expertise will help transform a compact space into a plush residence that reflects the latest design trends, enduring elegance, and your individual style.

Our accomplished team of professionals realises the importance of smart design, storage innovation, and clever use of space, elements that distinguish condo interior design. With the understanding that each square foot is valuable, we’re devoted to using our knowledge and skills to manifest your vision perfectly.

Some of our condo works so far

Interior design Pinnacle Sri Petaling Kuala Lumpur R.Works

The Pinnacle, Sri Petaling (Project Name: Urban Chic)

How can someone stay productive while working at home? That was the challenge given to us by this client. She wanted a home that was well-designed for comfort and functionality, with spaces conducive for work. Even though she was the sole occupant of the home, she wanted lots of built-in storage to keep everything out […]

The Estate, Bangsar South

The Estate, Bangsar South

Condo interior design for luxury unit in Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur. The 2580 sq ft unit was turned into a contemporary home for a young family with two kids. The design theme we proposed was a grey backdrop, with warm wood tones, and to use curves and rounded corners in the space. This was also […]

Seventeen Residences, Seksyen 17 (2nd Project)

Seventeen Residences, Seksyen 17 (2nd Project)

This interior design project was our client’s Christmas surprise to his wife! This 3-bedroom home is now a Scandinavian haven with brilliant minimalist design elements and tantalizing blue accents that fuse together in making this home a remarkable one. Details include SPC light wood flooring for a stronger Scandi feel, a minimalist-themed TV console with […]

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