Vacation Rental

Creating a captivating ambiance in your vacation rental, short stay property or AirBnB property is essential to attracting guests and ensuring a memorable experience during their time in Malaysia. As a landlord, understanding the key design considerations can help you transform your property into a desirable haven for travelers.

Some considerations for your airbnb interior design or makeover should include having versatile furnishings that can accommodate different guest preferences and group sizes; creating a warm and inviting atmosphere by incorporating plush furniture, soft lighting, and cozy textiles; and adding bold statement pieces to inject character and create a memorable impression on guests.

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  • Empire City, Damansara

    Empire City, Damansara

    3 interior design projects simultaneously completed in Empire City, Damansara were owned by the same client to be transformed into short-term rental homes. Each unit features a variation of an earth-toned, modern design that serves as an aesthetically pleasing and multipurpose space catering to any tenant’s needs. Type Condominium Size 448-462 sqft Style Modern Minimalist…

  • 3 Towers, Jalan Ampang

    3 Towers, Jalan Ampang

    This Airbnb SoHo unit in 3 Towers, Jalan Ampang breaks a few rules of conventional interior design in a funky, whimsical way. With a few striking additions such as the bright yellow corkboard and bumblebee striped column paired with dark bold colours, this little vacation rental unit playfully deviates from the norm of a classic…