Our services

We have almost 10 years of interior designing experience in Malaysia, offering you a myriad of bright, enthusiastic ideas to visualize tantalizing and inspiring spaces.

Our services include:

Preliminary interior design and style consultation

What interior design style do you prefer? What can be realistically achieved based on your interior design budget? Our consultants will do a site survey of your property (or we can even do it over a Zoom or WhatsApp video call) to get a sense of your space.

Do you like industrial chic? Or perhaps Japandi style? Or maybe even “Scandinavian minimalist? You don’t need to know the actual “name” of your design style, as we can also provide a quick questionnaire to help you narrow it down.

Space planning

We will take a look at your floor plan and propose the layout of cabinets, furniture, built-ins and more. This method is a quick and easy way for us to mutually agree on the placement of all your design elements.

3D-design visualisation

A top view floor plan is just one way to visualise your space. After you have agreed on the space planning, we can create a 3D design render, so you can see exactly how the interior design looks, as if you were standing right there.

Material and furniture selection

You may have specific furniture pieces or cabinets that are “must-haves”, and we will incorporate those into the design. For the rest of the space, our designers will propose pieces that fit the theme. We can but it for you, or even recommend the best places to shop, and accompany you to advise on the right pieces to add to your shopping cart.

Renovation works assisted and supervised by our project manager

A completed interior design concept is only the beginning. Our build managers will work out the timelines and milestones; coordinate with suppliers to take delivery of raw materials and furniture, and oversee the works from start to finish. This can include hacking or demolishing works, electrical and plumbing, cement and tiling, flooring and cabinet installation, as well as painting works.

At the end of the construction works, we can do a cleanup, and decorate your home with soft furnishings (curtains, cushions, rugs and more), so that it is picture-perfect and ready for you to live in!